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What I would like to say.....
This is where I am going to put my views, thoughts.....

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Here is my photo collection. You are warned! Visit this section only if you have enough bandwidth and patience.

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Yes, I have a good collection of links to WWW, I feel this will be useful to you also. This is updated regularly, and if you want to include some links here, do let me know.

Home pages of some of the TKM College of Engineering Alumni, and more.You defenitely would like to see this page if you are an alumnus of TKMCE. There is a TKMCE club also.
Click here if you want to join TKM College of Engineering mailing list. According to the moderator of this group, this is a platform to convey TKMCE Alumni's own news and updated Technology news to each other

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Q.1. Why this page?
A.1. As I told, this is my little corner on the www, you may find some stuff here either collected by me or written by me.

Q.2. Are you going to update this page regularly?

A.2. Yes, I am trying to. But, do not get disappointed if you see the same stuff after some time , just bear with me, I have a lot of other things to do.

Q.3. Why no graphics?

A.3. I am not a good graphic designer, and I can not simply copy some pictures from the net and put it here since most of such pictures are having copy right protection, and I am planning for a simple and easy to down load web pages for the better utilisation of band width. Remember, band width is not free, some one is paying for it, either you, or your organisation.

Who am I?

Name: Abdul Naseer
Country: India
Profession: Electronics Engineer
Education: University Graduate

My presence on the World Wide Web!!!